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He/Him | Gay / Ace | @Twitch Partner | Model - @maka_nyan_ | Live2D - @AriyaSusanto | Clips ‣ #Delphron | | [email protected]

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So one of my mods made this cursed fan art of me in MS Paint and my community has been improving upon it each time and I love it (3 Separate Artists here)

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"Come now, a cup of tea will make everything better!"

Artist @/drawingchisanne via skeb
Thank you to for suggesting them!

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My original oc (Druid lost in a game world), my first vtuber model (pink haired 3D), the little fairy boy (Mister Magic) and now current me! (Woof!)

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💜Schedule Tiiiiime! 31st Jan ~ 4th Feb ⭐️
Starting Times 11am - 12pm CST

⭐️Animal Crossing
💜Breath Of The Wild

I hope you can join me. Links In Reply! ⬇️⬇️

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You know when you get artwork done and you just sit there in silence because you literally have no words. Yeah just stunned by this piece by !!!

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"Imagine being a Vtuber..."

Artist @/Mashiro on skeb

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✨ Every day offers the chance to spread a little magic! ✨

Artist @/mtoartnsfw

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Hope everyone has a happy new year! I cannot wait to face it head on and give it my very best! I hope you will too! If you didn't know 2022 will be the year of the Tiger🐯🐯🐯🐯

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