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He/Him | Gay / Ace | @Twitch Partner | Model - @maka_nyan_ | Live2D - @AriyaSusanto | Clips ‣ #Delphron | | [email protected]

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"The nicest thing about rain, is that I can share my umbrella with you."


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Happy International Asexuality Day! As a Grey Ace person myself, I’m proud! Remember that Asexuality is such a broad umbrella term and it can eb and flow. Use today to educate yourselves and learn a little bit 💕

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Irish Samurai Delphie anyone 😇

Skeb @/xoKIKIKIox

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Happy St Patrick’s day! ☘️

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Am I cool? I did the leg meme 🥺

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A mimir 💕

🎨 @/ByYy__N on skeb

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So I had that glitch were Link pulls the master sword , it invisible today and well my community improvised for the sword....

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For the Tokyo Olympics, they designed countries as Japanese Samurai. I thought it would be wonderful to get me in the Irish one!


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💜 Weekly schedule! 💜
🗓️ February 21st - 25th! 🗓️

Animal Crossing - Critter Hunting
Minecraft - Exploring The Nether
Animal Crossing - Horror Town Design Time
Dead By Daylight - Surviving My Community
Breath Of The Wild ⬅️

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Thank you so much for all the support this year! Streaming has been such a blessing, so thank you for sharing this space with me and coming on all my silly adventures!


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