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Graphic Designer/book Illustrator, autistic, geek, LGBTQA Her/she -18+Only ! Dni: Nazis, loli/shotcons

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Post 4 of your favorite magical girls (or boys) and let people assume things about you!

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I am so looking forward to the Sailor Moon Cosmos movie, i love how they include everyone here

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My top favorite magical girl series is hands down Sailor Moon, Rgu, Princess Tutu and Madoka Magica 💜 i love drawing these characters

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Pokemon x/y or Pokemon Crystal?

Serena and Kriss are among my favorites!

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That happens when the majority of your graphic novels are just cape stories and reboots of the same super heroes over and over again. There are many good, original, diverse graphic novels out there, they are just a bit harder to find.

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Your art is always so cute!!
I'm an autistic gay Dutch artist who loves drawing
-Magical girls
-evil sexy villains
-cute characters

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