Kellodrawsalot draws Magicalgirls and evil queersさんのプロフィール画像

Kellodrawsalot draws Magicalgirls and evil queersさんのイラストまとめ

Graphic Designer/book Illustrator, autistic, geek, LGBTQA Her/she -18+Only ! Dni: Nazis, loli/shotcons

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re-upload but wanted to share my magical girls stickers again

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still happy with this collections of Sailor Moon drawing I did back in 2018/19 wanted to draw all of m favorite Sailor Moon characters

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Tw: Suicide
I've been reading the Magical Girl manga Suicide Girls, the transformations are very distasteful
... but it's far less edgy then Magical girl site and I like the mc and how she wants SAVE people,

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No she still had no name but at the time she was designed, the game would allow the player to switch the characters in any job they wanted, she was featured in the concept art as the female lead with the male lead who VERY much looks like Zidane

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Reminds me that Princess Garnet also originally was going to be very different but they decided to make her black-haired love interest anyway :(

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I love looking at scans of old anime/manga magazines, they somehow give me comfort? Especially when they feature magical girls

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Asside from Utena:

Doremi came out in 1999,not sure if still counts since its seen as more of early 2000s

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