👁️phelia @ Loveit? ENG Cover!!❤️🍖さんのプロフィール画像

👁️phelia @ Loveit? ENG Cover!!❤️🍖さんのイラストまとめ

ophelia 💝vocalist/artist💝she/they+ 22 y/o 💖 Commission me! vgen.co/OpheliasAria

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(ocs and also mewms) some more doodles that i'm not sure have seen the world outside of my files

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(prsk) i actually doodled this mafuyu a while ago and i was going thru my files and i was like "oh this was cute" so im posting it

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decided to do that canon/fanon/your design with the only non-oc I tend to draw :)

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(OC) speaking of Halline, and I know I already showed this on my priv I just want the whole world to see her :)
I've designed all her ingame designs (at least, the ones I planned to have for her)!! if you know the color scheme of her alt color outfit no you dont <3

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I'm not actually sure if that's middle school i just scrolled to the bottom of my Google Photos gallery and it was the first drawing LMAO https://t.co/klJZuoVELU

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shoutout to freya, whom i have turned into a x2 oc because of an AU im developing. "how did she go from the land of sin to ely--" idk and idc how she just did ok
(also her last name is hjuger because she doesnt want to associate with her former name and kanata is her brother now)

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if I ever get rid of my silly mouth dots know something is wrong https://t.co/puMXR1hng3

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OOO ok most unhinged is probably nezumi matsuda because he's vice incarnate so he Gives No Shits about morals or how he's perceived by others; kaneyo modegi is probably my most "normal" oc (she still has issues but she is the most morally correct of the story) which is kinda-

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SOUMA (blue hair) AND ETSUMI ARE BIG CAT ENJOYERS. I also have a tabby catboy oc adonis he's just a little guy

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