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ophelia 💝vocalist/artist💝she/they+ 22 y/o 💖 Commission me! vgen.co/OpheliasAria

フォロー数:663 フォロワー数:1216

(oc) in order to worship her, you need to have faith that she can save herself

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(ocs) its one thing to be business partners with god, another to have him wrapped around your finger

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(ocs) can you understand my agony?
can you understand my sorrow..?

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HI MISS LUNAR LUNARVEIL you remind me alot of minori so i assign you this adorable minori card. the bright colors make me so happy this card in general makes me happy :D

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HI YOYO i picked this one because it just embodies kindness and beauty with the gold giving it a "regal, royal" kind of vibe as well-- all things i think of when i think of you!

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KIMIKAAAA i give you the angel minori card because youre so sweet youre an angel <3 the background of this one are soso nice i love this card

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HI SUNSHI i give you this ena because its beautiful and the flowers remind me of you alot :D its a piece of art like you <3

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AAMNA definitely i wanted to give you a VBS card and i think you have An vibes she's so cool and this card is cool and beautiful and lovely (also the angle??? insane)

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HI LIMON you give me big rin vibes for reasons i cant explain so i assign you the happiest rin :D

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