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Thank you. It’s always good to hear people also appreciate translator’s hard work. That helps keep them going ♥️ It’s also me wanting to understand what was said too. My Kfriend will throw a book at me soon for bugging her so much 😂

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I wish to understand everything you said... still, happy you char king in at the end of day.

HAPPY 22!!! Counts it 🤣

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Comes to me bb!!! Can’t wait for the vlive.

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OMG Lee Minu found!
Be careful out there brother.

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Also almost a year since he completely disappears or did I miss out? It really is if one wants to ninja, one can ninja...

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I was sweet that Ye Jiwon and Kim Jisuk were the one handing out the Rom-Com King award to one of their own, uri Park Dokyung 😄

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I’ve seen fancams of this performance before but still giving me goosebumps seeing it in HD. Can’t wait for the DVD. Keep safe & stay healthy 🧡

Lastly, the Firebird is always majestic! 💯

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2 episodes away to finish off so I can start on season 3 of

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The MIA duo on
I hope you both had an lovely day 💗

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