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‟(🐟)Chiaki...! ☆ (hugs him)‟ @hehimwife /qp .(twst / enstars mainly + oc artist). doodle acc: @chuchu_charon (feel free to req)
oc: @OHW8G

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I AM CRAZY AND I THINK ABT UR RAVEN N CHARON DOODLE SM WARHRH but. Also. Raven n azraq this little guy... They'd be neat little meowmeows even.. OR THEM N BEAU !!!

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YIPEE?? Anyways if u don't hear Abt this ever again I lost it https://t.co/f98HWbAuWD

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Enstars oc
Love doodling her SHESS Soo !!!

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my silly little guy guilsel who gets a little too silly and ends up leaving chaldea to join the crypters and then gets caputured by chaldea again after he tries to defeat them post traum! :3 andd his doc
https://t.co/pqcWEu1ctP https://t.co/byXIVmUgN3

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