hy(dede)💘 کواさんのプロフィール画像

hy(dede)💘 کواさんのイラストまとめ

‟(🐟)Chiaki...! ☆ (hugs him)‟ @hehimwife /qp .(twst / enstars mainly + oc artist). doodle acc: @chuchu_charon (feel free to req)
oc: @OHW8G

フォロー数:569 フォロワー数:733

wahh art train hope u dont mind me qrting !! havent drawn many full peices but hh

not gonna tag anyone else but whoever wants to do it go ahead !! https://t.co/fGxA5fhXrf

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YEZZ this is herr !! Her sister n toris r bff's so she's kinda close w them too!! I rmbred that I think u ship emi w yuzuru too?? But I'm not sure Soo !! 👍👍 She is my pathetic babygirl who wants to be a producer cuz her little sister wants to be an idol

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It's gonna be her bday soon

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dont rt
one thought in my brain

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Also..my little enstars unit I love them all my funkies

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