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Popular webtoon will be produced as a live action.
An action drama that shows Ha Tae-soo imprisoned in prison, Jack trying to kill Ha Tae-soo, and Kang Jeong-oh trying to protect Ha Tae-soo.


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The webtoon will be made into an OTT drama.
Story between a just judge and a defendant.
PD would like and to appear.


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OCN's new drama releases teaser poster including webtoon version.
The drama will air on March 13

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SBS drama releases drama posters
The drama will air on January 14

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The popular romantic comedy drama starring and will be reborn as a webtoon.


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will sing an OST for SBS
The sons is entitled "Dreamin" will be released at noon on the 6th.


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Idol Romance releases teaser photos for their upcoming BL Drama /

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