Finished watching 12th episode and I'm sad. Island drama turned out so good, yes there were moments I didn't like but human can never be satisfied, right?! Overall the drama is great. Will miss them

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Miho in the webtoon- she is a chain smoker due to stress unlike in the drama ver. (not shown yet so far)

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Gue kirain Sungjoon debut di lookism😭

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thought someone would jump on either one of them or come in from the WIDE OPEN door when the clock bell rang 🥶 eunki and sungjoon got played so bad

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Even if Ideun is a bastard, he is still the real son of the CEO. Sungmin is not a real son and we still don't know about Sungjoon. The CEO never showed affection to those two so he must be aware that they're not his legitimate sons. Ideun could be the one true heir in the end.

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It was confirmed when the two met each other when Sungmin requested it and he raped Ideun again. Therefore, Ha Sungjoon is aware of what's happening behind closed doors and he just lets it happen.

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Seeing his second brother, Ideun trembles in fear. Taking into consideration what Ha Sungjoon, the first son, has said about Sungmin having a certain "relationship" with Ideun, Sungmin could be the violator.

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Let us look at Ideun's family
Father: Ha Sungyeob
First son: Ha Sungjoon
Second son: Ha Sungmin
Third son: Ha Ideun

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Kanan kiri kosong, buru yang mau join selfie 😎

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[Mr. yakuza next door]

Sungjoon had a miserable time being a yakuza living in a hideout, until Hobin lives next to him. 🤭

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SpyxFamily crossover.

Sungjoon’s alias would still be Waraioni, am I right? 😤

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cocokan sama sungjoon apa taehoon?😍😵‍💫😍😵‍💫😍😵‍💫😍😵‍💫😍😍😍

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The popular romantic comedy drama starring and will be reborn as a webtoon.

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Hongseok is confirmed to be playing the character of Ji Sungjoon 🤍

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Blood Bank💉 Vs. Make me bark🐶

I'm biased as all hell so I vote for Shell, although-
Sungjoon's outfit looks great on him too, heh (*ゝωб*)b

*Both licensed by Lezhin𓃩*

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I’m a new fuse so I wanted to make fanart of ONF latest comeback ! I hope I can get to meet more Fuses!

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Drawing Bae Sungjoon from Make Me Bark! ❤️❤️🥺👉🏻👈🏻

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