Dr. Toto Hex (Teacher Turtle Tuber!) 🧪🐢さんのプロフィール画像

Dr. Toto Hex (Teacher Turtle Tuber!) 🧪🐢さんのイラストまとめ

Smartest science turtle and your ocean onee-chan!

🏳️‍⚧️ She/her

Art: #hexsketch Mama: @Charohime & @Shinohana6 Papa: @Chaosvermillion

フォロー数:1195 フォロワー数:2234

Had a lot of fun on 's stream tonight! She's still streaming more Weekend of Transgender Visibility interviews, go check her out!

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We're starting stream soon(tm)! Just to chat with each other, hang out, and celebrate a nice Magical March! https://t.co/DgpZnEazCP

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I'm awake! And live! More Persona 5 time!!!

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I'm sleepy but I'm live for some chill art stream time~

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Post 4 characters you relate to and let people make assumptions about you. https://t.co/YXebykZYDl

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The poor necromancer in D4 looks so emaciated and has no booba :'(

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bonus Bonus BONUS POV: Toto-sensei is finally heading home after a long day of work

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