Dr. Toto Hex (Teacher Turtle Vtuber!)🧪🐢さんのプロフィール画像

Dr. Toto Hex (Teacher Turtle Vtuber!)🧪🐢さんのイラストまとめ

Smartest science turtle and your ocean onee-chan!
Making gaming and education content!
🏳️‍⚧️ She/her

Art: #hexsketch Mama: @Shinohana6 Papa: @Cha0svermillion

フォロー数:1130 フォロワー数:2187

Stream over early today. I'm feeling quite sleepy...

But we did do the beach episode in Persona 5!

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Stream done! Our donation goal is more than 1/3 of the way met!!!
And I made 6 more puppets! If you want your own puppet YCH png you can come to my next stream and donate $25+ to the Trevor Project!

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Looks like I'll be drawing more puppets of people on stream tonight at 7:00pm CST.

If you want one, you can still donate $25+ to Trevor Project on my stream when I go live! https://t.co/ZOGe3KX0xG

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