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Left or right?
That's two different upscalers from

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Wonder Woman by Clive Barker

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detail quality is superb!
but I can't get contrasts
I've tried all old tricks, guidance, negative prompts, positive, iterations, styles,...

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If somebody has the skills like eg Su Jian AIart will only empower him
Thats colourized versions based of his work that AI would never do out of itself

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I'm doing some small auto concepts research and there are so many concepts I know nothing about but which generate great images
AI might be not "creative" in the human sense but it's much more knowledgeable than any of us

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I really like upscaling, 4k and with corrections to the image
it's so nice to not have to write everything myself 😅
the amount of API for SD and functionalities around is growing daily
Do you know of some other useful ones?

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I'm waiting for the model😊
I tried it on multiple images with various results but masterpiece gave the best ones!
in no way it was able to follow the style or quality but it kept a bit of a vibe
I'm sorry I wanted so much to see more of the story I had to try :D https://t.co/w4fbN2K0ts

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movies are interesting but how will AI movies look :D

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