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Amateur game creator! Icon by @ZessDynamite! Mutuals can DM me for my Discord! 🔞May not be SFW, so 18+ only! #BlackLivesMatter | #StopAsianHate | 🍉

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here's Leif Fire Emblem if IntSys weren't cowards

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please appreciate my Pink Boys...

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sounds like the positive / optimistic version of this meme

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me every time I hear those five opening chords

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Here’s Nessy, and an unnamed OC, both of whom I love…

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I feel like such a dork for not realizing this earlier but the DLC classes in Fire Emblem Fates each represent one of the two NES titles...

Ballistician = FE1
Witch = FE2

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I actually specifically set out to make a splice portrait using Zagan's face shape because it's very distinct and like nobody uses it and I'm pretty happy with how it came out. Their name is Aruna and they're a Knight

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Nomura said it’s my turn on the fancy chair

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I. never color my drawings oops but I have several! In order, there's...

LUNISSA, a main character for an RPG!
CHARLIE, who's a culinary student!
PROFESSOR REDWOOD, a fan-professor for a Pokémon fangame
ARI, who's actually a sheep furry but would be black if he were a human

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