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Amateur game creator! Icon by @ZessDynamite! Mutuals can DM me for my Discord! 🔞May not be SFW, so 18+ only! #BlackLivesMatter | #StopAsianHate | 🍉

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His birthday is coming up on the 22nd… I will have had Rabbit as an OC for two years

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It's always a priority for me when making characters that they be able to express themselves in a way that feels natural and in-character for them...

I want my OCs to have a sense of multi-dimensionality and interiority to them, even when they're just static drawings.

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Honestly I've just been like. massively OC-brained lately even though I haven't really been posting... TOO much about them lately?

I do really love my OCs honestly... Not to sound egotistical, but they just make me happy

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I wish they'd gone all-in on this bizarre, really alien look for Final Fantasy IV's Lunarians instead of depicting them as basically just humans most of the time. Fusoya's Amano design is easily one of my favorites.

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I feel like they had no idea what to do for the poses in some of these renders so they just kind of fucked around in the modeling software until they had a pose that wasn't blatantly humanly-impossible and just went with it

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I'm disappointed that this design wasn't used as the basis for anyone's actual Samurai outfit in FFX-2 because it's fucking insane

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I usually exclude legendaries from consideration for these types of memes but I know for a fact that my legendary picks would be Mew as li'l guy and Reshiram as juggernaut so I'm doing this a bonus second time

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Definitely Flygon as my juggernaut/"Charizard" but you know what? I actually keep coming back to Vivillon as my cute li'l guy/"Pikachu". Vibby rewired my brain chemistry

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IF this is still open, here is my boy Rabbit for your consideration… thanks for this chance!

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Worth noting the Alaskan Bull Worm was not CALLED the Alaskan Bull Worm; just "Giant Worm".

But like. it was the Alaskan Bull Worm

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