Here's an edit of Yasuko Yaegashi from Akiba Maid War with an afro.

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Here are 6 Anime Like Akiba Maid War - the train of anime-insanity is about to board and you don’t want to miss getting on!

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I knew for sure would be a great pick to voice Yumechi in and indeed it has become real. Because of that, I just had to do a drawing of her. Congrats on your new role and I'm so hyped to hear you!

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I’m so excited to share that I play Shiipon in, Akiba Maid War! This was one of my favorite shows to work on this season. It’s like a Quentin Tarintino movie with killer maids! 😜 You can watch the dub on starting January 14th. 🐼💖

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[Layout vs Final Comp] It's always fun for me to see how the drawings progress after I pass them off. Another comparison of my layout vs the final animation!

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アニメ見てないけど、右のビルの看板、↓のイラストじゃん( ̄▽ ̄;)

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🖼️ Ilustraciones especiales para la colaboración entre GiGO Akihabara y la franquicia de "#AkibaMeidoSensou (#AkibaMaidWar)", que dará inicio el próximo 19 de diciembre en Japón.

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It’s been a long time since an anime got me this upset. I’m shocked, angry and taken aback by episode 11’s ending…

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Akiba Maid War Episode 11 commemorative illustration featuring Ranko by Noguchi Masatsune

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