piece done today of Jess in a Military theme waitress/maid outfit.
I'll drop the reference to why I chose this look below for reference.


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Spider maid 🕷️
I really enjoyed drawing her maid outfit ^^
What would you see me draw next time? Please comment your ideas

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Hoy publico hace mucho que no lo hacía xD bueno les traigo una linda Maid saludos!

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designs for the keychains im gonna make, which one is your favorite?

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Here are 6 Anime Like Akiba Maid War - the train of anime-insanity is about to board and you don’t want to miss getting on! https://t.co/4WOZvPnrAy

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🤍💙 Hola nuevamente mis estimados 🤍💙! me tomo todo un mes y más, (desde 12 de noviembre) pero finalmente el pack está completo :''D!!

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it's essential to have a maid this gorgeous in your house👀

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