Nohr noble Corrin for watercolor style practice!!
I kinda like the look of it, what do you think? :3c

Corrin is the prettiest boy to ever exist, y’all can’t change my mind 🥺🥺🥺 #FireEmblem #WIP

Corrin Emotes(Commission)
Plus Azura

Commissioned by EndenDragon.
#FireEmblem #corrin

Was commissioned by Bluenassa to draw Corrin's ⬅️🅱️.Flying though the air kicking is cute so #cutiesaturday

Corrin「Next wash your clothes Velouria」

Maybe Fallen Corrin just needed to hit the beach

24.) Favorite couples are ez

Lucina + Robin
Roy + Lilina
Corrin + Soleil


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