Havent finished that art of fyodor soaked in wine yet, but have this filler doodle while its not posted yet !

Join him for a drink maybe ;) wink wonk.

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Since the human versions are in jail, we're sending out the elites to look for the actual damn book...smh

Wish luck to the little guys...


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Chilling in Atsushi's room

I think Atsushi's room would become the safe space
Like the comfort zone

Felt like drawing all the bois- surprise surprise ~ Nikolai tattoos


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No deeper meanings. Just a sleeping Fyodor.

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Он мог быть цветным...но нет, мб потом, когда-нибудь

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Maybe you think that you can hide
I can smell your scent from miles~

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Trying out a art style have some Fyozai fluff

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