TheHellbound Bloodline newest project is a sequence of short stories that bring together the past and history of a picturesque family surrounded by the shadows of the presence of dangerous entities on the other side of reality...
a simple sensitive film divides reality and dream.

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Lady G pin up Valentines pin! Drawn by the always amazing 💖💖 Will be made alongside with some other Hellbound pins for charity 💖

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reportedly cast to replace as Jung Jin Soo in NETFLIX series

The filming reportedly will begin this summer!

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Remember Hellbound Media have hit now, with our own online store featuring and more to come!

Check us out for creepy hunting for all ages, extreme goretastic adult scifi & more!

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Pessoal! Confiram a resenha muito bacana que a Gabi Xavier fez sobre o primeiro volume de The Hellbound: Profecia do Inferno! 😉

A coleção completa de The Hellbound já está disponível na Amazon e lojas parceiras.

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Next to introduce is Famine and his steed Feast! 🐎🍖

War will be released soon... 😈💖

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Looks like I wanted to release him a little early 😈❤️ Meet Pestilence, the first of four "Horsemen of the Apocalypse"! 🐎☣️

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I’ve been quietly trying to work up stories and a universe for my OCs! It’s titled “Hellbound”, a universe in magic and monster coexist in the modern day.

Names of OC’s shown:
Delsin Reau
Amadeus (father)
Jezebeth (mother)
Mackenzie (GF)

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Character ref sheet for Dennis is finished!! 🤗💖💖 Original design by ❤️❤️

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To add on, the Jake from the Original Revamp was going to be the Jake I had remade a while back with his proper humanoid appearance to fit with Jake feel more "human" compared to his original design. I still even have the file for the Hellbound PNM that was made.

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Next revamped page for the script my sis is polishing! 🥰❤️

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Big gap until July,June was hell, I work on an outsourcing small studio for animation, the boss messed up and clients weren't giving us work until he was out, I stepped in and handled projects and clients and had the genius idea to do 59 pages of the Hellbounds for a WT contest

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Next page for the revamped script my sis is almost finished =3

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No opening til Christmas ;3
For the absolute sweetie ! I've been studying shading/highlights and will practice even more!!

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NewPOP, cadê The Hellbound Foi remanejado para dezembro por conta daqueles atrasos que comentamos com vocês. Mas estará disponível no Ressaca!

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