And when Ireh try to be a cat but ending as that handsome fox from zootopia😩

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#IREH: mami tu ere elite

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yuki: *says memepostor instead of 임포스터 (impostor)*
chaein and ireh sharing the same brain cell: M-E-M-E M-E-M-E-M

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Challenge by @ARTSB19
SB19 Where You At?

SB19 is here with me at this road in Batangas. Kaliligalig pala ng mga ireh. Iki'y pumarine na't kaunin areh baka makakaalis pa. Choz.
SB19 On PepsiTambahay
@SB19Official #SB19 #AtHomeSaPepsiAngSB19

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Ireh Yuki Goeun Nerdy Mcountfown ending fairy

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