I noticed had done a couple of the Kawaii girls in the kigurumi outfit and they looked so cute. So I decided to put Lua in one!

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"Ready to serve, master!"

I waited an ETERNITY to be able to make a picture this loyal to the original art of
They were my main inspiration to do Shamrock and I hope I did their awesome art justice!

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Testing out their newly tailored bird kigurumi. 🪡
Commission for ! THANKS SO MUCH AGAIN! 🥹💛

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Kigurumi commission for

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Kigurumi Commission for

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Kigurumi Commission for

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Today's art is an art trade for Xiangling from Genshin Impact! I thought a comfy kigurumi was more fun than her extraordinarily detailed outfit...

And with that I am all caught up on art trades so if anyone else is interested let me know! https://t.co/jrlpW6cb7y

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Azuki 7637 bought for Ξ20.1005 ($36,654.47)
Avg Price: Ξ12.70
Rare Traits:
Offhand: Hook Sword - 1.17%
Clothing: Sloth Kigurumi - 0.3%
Hair: Silver Short Spiky - 0.9%


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un rediseño que hice de Foolish cubito :3 basado en un hc de que la raza original de Totems es más bien antropomórfica, y al no poder estar fusionado con un tiburón usa un kigurumi

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Kitty Kigurumi 💕✨

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New cosplay of my OC >w< She needs some more changes and add ons so this is just the rough start ! <3

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❗TW: Violence

Just a reminder, who is Nixe:

He is the cruel Prince of the Winter Court in my dnd campaign.

I want to draw him in a moth-kigurumi right now, I wish I had time for that 😂 https://t.co/dakssvGh0t

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🔥 Two very different game dragons 🔥

☀️ Want art like this yourself? ☀️


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