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Palia初めてみた キャラデザ濃…なんか他のプレイヤーが駆け回っている…新鮮…

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bro i cant with these cuties, i cant..

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Obligatory tweet!

I'm Grace, illustrator and writer. I love creepy shit, romantic shit, and creepy romantic shit.

atm, I'm a full-time narrative designer on Palia, so I can only take on a few art gigs (email if interested).

But you can see me at GoH!

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Dibujo bonito que hice para usando como base su oc Nopalia y una fusion rara de Maractus y Lopunny

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paliaso só que de tutu

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Nopalia y Abril descansando en una
Mullida cama espero te guste

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For nonhumans, the race of Bispectites and Luspalians could be considered for that since one is a four armed color shifting being and the other is object headed humans. Freaks of nature like Tyrant and Mifesto work as well


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Esqueci de mostrar mas ontem eu virei um paliaço

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Es que es una sensibilidad abrumadora. Mira que ya hay obras de M. Hosoda que me emocionan, pero Belle es algo que está por encima de todo.

Es una obra maestra sin paliativos.

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It has been a decade since I’ve drawn my character Opalia in this manner, so I felt that it’s about time that I try drawing her in my current style. I adjusted minor parts of her design here and there, and I gave her a bow.

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Before I share a new artwork related to this, I’d like to share something I drew over a decade ago. Wow! (*´꒳`*)

This was one of my relatively popular original artworks at the time. Her name’s Opalia Stellamille. I don’t usually depict her as a fairy…

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Giovanni Bellini (c. 1430 – 26 November 1516) was an Italian painter-Bellini.The Presentation at the Temple, c1459,Galleria Querini Stampalia at Venice

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New Top post on r/furry: Together [Artist : Vorpale] by Vorpaliar
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