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The way I’m being fed love 🥹💕

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I don’t know about you but I got fan art today and cried 🥹🥰 🎨Bwight

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Listen league’s spirit blossom skin line is just my favourite colour palette

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No matter what, fan art is something so amazing, it always blows me out of the water that someone is inspired to do it! 🎨 Haruka Kasai

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🎨 @/Motokrs0531

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These are the ones I read today! I got through two volumes of I'm The Catlord's Manservant and My next life as an anime villainess is just pure gold

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From me to you 💕

🎨 @/mozu10bi

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Yun Jin is so pretty with this new cosmetic, you treated her right!

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Listen.. These two never leave my party and the fact they are made for one another is just the icing on the cake!

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