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I've heard the opinion that he is related to Terapagos, so I'm going to make a little pun.

藍の円盤(Indigo Disk)とランドウ
藍 ランドウ
Ai Randou

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The Kitakami residents may be the Diamond clan and Perl clan who moved to Jubilife Village, as the silhouette is trying to catch Oni with a Poke ball.

Also, the clans come to Jubilife Village by advancing the story by Dawn(Lucas), ……+

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Opinion about khu

Kitakami mons types are imitations.
and Terapagos type is Dragon/Fire

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Cassiopeia and Big Dipper
These are sleeper trains from Tokyo to Hokkaido.

Paldea is Sinnoh.

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A small spider-like robot that moves along rails. It looks like a train.

Giant mantis

Tarantula Nebula

Woman in long robe

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My guess
Changing times in the same region

Point: Reshiram/Zekrom=Romulus/Remus

Point: Pancham🐼


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I just want to ask if it's unnecessary or necessary.

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What I've been saying all along.
Why it's happening.
Because Paldea is Paradox.

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