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フォロー数:678 フォロワー数:868

4 Apply the English words to bad monsters.
I think they are all dinglu, but 渾沌(Konton) may be extremely dinglu.
YUYU probably means eyeballs. So 饕餮(Toutetsu). Binge eating and drinking.


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However, since these fishes are carp, they can change from fish to dragons.
This is based on an ancient saying that carp climb a waterfall and become dragons.

It has the same meaning as theirs.

※🐟 are dark sub Legends.
In Japan, they are harmful fish.

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These craters were created by the meteorite fall on Mt. Coronet.
I believe that this is the case, and I also believe that this has caused the special power "time travel" that Mt. Coronet had to run amok.
People like Ingo abound and could become a social problem?

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Nemona is not good at capturing Pokémon. The reason for this is probably because it is a prosthetic arm.
And when his arm gets better, that means he has gained a Treasure. So who makes the arm better?

She has a good battle sense.
And there is a man who is not good at battles.

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My work.

and Unova

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