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First, Kadabra did not have a pentagram. Somehow it grew a pentagram.
At first, Alakazam had a six-pointed star. Before I knew it, the six-pointed star disappeared.

But MegaAlakazam has a six-pointed star on its head!
And he seems to have a 3rd eye👁‍🗨

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In Indian mythology, there is a sacred mountain called Mount Sumeru.

In reality, this mountain is located in Java, Indonesia. Indonesia was a relay point for the Portuguese✞ in the 16th century. They✞ had come from Indonesia to see Oda Nobunaga. Until 🇵🇹 was annexed with 🇪🇸.

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We know the Ancient form of this Pokémon, but not its name.

Pokémon in the same position in UB02 and UB04 have the same number.

If Pokémon in the same position in Ancient and Future have the same name, "c鸡" is a vampire.

What if the slugs of the future are leeches?

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Each generation has Pokémon that are similar in appearance and type to Tapu.
and Initials are gimmicks.

Ancient H-Avalugg is Large.
Future is Evolution.
Now for all things living is move.

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