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Rein a cute!

Iris is good.

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Can't forget 's! Ai has an eye on her lil' Master!

Uncompressed: https://t.co/uTWe4zZvcV

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Momiji finally showed up in the anime! I hope everyone watching likes her already, she's wonderful. See, pants are comfortable indeed... they even make for great looms!

This is a repost of an old picture, but it's one I still really like!

Uncompressed: https://t.co/cmyXO996SK

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As Fate grows up, her weapon, er, toothpick's reach will lengthen as well. So says Signum.

So why is she so small then!?

Birthday present for

Uncompressed: https://t.co/po0mMiRkAn

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The Senran Kagura Hanzo protags had some pretty interesting prototype designs. Yagyu used to be just as flat and short as Mirai! (Somehow, that doesn't quite seem to be case here though...)

Idea from with a healthy dosage of Yagyu and Mirai applied.

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A birthday present for !

Kuro learns something very interesting from Passionlip... the question is if she can actually take advantage of it!

Uncompressed: https://t.co/Yc6FR5mxVt

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Chacha gets some well deserved pampering from her faithful 'retainers'!

Don't ask what's happening back there, the world isn't ready to know yet.

Uncompressed: https://t.co/V28bJ7Zs0x

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