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Rein a cute!

Iris is good.

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"Now, show me this 'yuri' Timil-chan keeps talking about, Einhart!"

I wanted to do another thing with Fabia. This happened.

Uncompressed: https://t.co/ldeWdBRtIY

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Hey look, it's 's Matilda. Is this simply a threat of hers? I don't think that's a risk you want to be taking!

Uncompressed: https://t.co/dk6gjqbHb1

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These two deserve to be huge.

Uncompressed: https://t.co/fWl2L0UTZU

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Last part. ...for now.

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So I was making this thing for 's birthday (now ages ago) and it got hilariously out of hand.

Have a WataTen comic. Tried to splice it up a bit for Twitter so it doesn't hit the quality AS badly.

Uncompressed: https://t.co/231VoroWkW

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It seems as though Master has needed to be reminded of their own weakness, so they don't go sticking their neck out too far into danger. Thankfully a stature change should clear that right up.

Birthday present for

Uncompressed: https://t.co/dcdTEnS1bP

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Seven is my favorite number. Thanks Twitter.

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Birthday present for . Happy birthday!

Komari gets to be tall for once! But she's not used to looking down at things before stepping...

Uncompressed: https://t.co/Mqz5QpZiZy

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Whoops made a mistake with my big fat outlines. Original link is updated too.

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Hayate is too small! But just the right size for Rein, if you ask her.

Full res + Uncompressed (Probably important for this one in particular): https://t.co/QJ8mbByUWw

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