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Rein a cute!

Iris is good.

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Yami is a lot of fun to draw, but also very hard to draw, especially from this angle and posing!

Birthday present for

Uncompressed: https://t.co/rewR2uhOXo

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Momiji is activated... Mahiro is gonna get cheekhugged.

Sort-of sequel to

Uncompressed: https://t.co/cmyXO98z3c

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Can never be enough of these two.

Simple and cute concept suggested to me, didn't have much time to draw yesterday.

Uncompressed: https://t.co/Y5pc6dPmxb

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Good night!

It was nice to draw a Vita-focused picture again.

Uncompressed: https://t.co/SwU2GdYOCP

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It's still Christmas in uh, some peoples' hearts. And it's today for because here's this thing!

Yami is super cute and I want to draw more of her.

Uncompressed: https://t.co/Jkizjax7ud

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Here's a selection of some of my favorite pictures from throughout the year! I would've put the Touka POV in here too but... hahahaha.


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Last present in the stack for now, for !

Touka is extremely good, and is perfect for looming. Her brain is big, so everyone else must be small. That model city scene in the Magia Record adaptation should have been better than it is.

Uncompressed: https://t.co/xIrHmSsPk3

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