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🇪🇺 Badger • Languages: 🇳🇱-🇬🇧 • 28 • Fem • INFP-T • 🏳️‍🌈 friendly • Pokémon fanatic • Animation nerd • Illustrator • TTP nerd • SFW account

フォロー数:930 フォロワー数:847

Art trade slot is Available this month. Depending on what kind of art or other thing will be offered I will try and match that offer!

So let me know what you'll be making!

-prefer if it can be done whitin the month

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Scatter! before they find out who hid all the Easter eggs!

3 11

Commission for Buffy the bat on telegram

3 12

Some personal art in between, A very needed new ref for one of my babs and a preview for another bab.

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Heyo small Dutch furry artist here! I currently still have 2 commission slots available!

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Thank you so much for the oppertunity! I'd love a chance for head of HER! Good luck to everyone! 😊🍀

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Some more Azizi~! A kickass badge because I vibe with them.

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Everyone that knows Yeener anatomy knows what I'm talking about haha

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