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🇪🇺 Badger • Languages: 🇳🇱-🇬🇧 • 27 • NB • INFP-T • 🏳️‍🌈 friendly • Pokémon fanatic • Animation nerd • Illustrator • TTP nerd • SFW account

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I like them softer green colors I guess.

Though I always tell myself green is a difficult color to work with, I think I've been lying to myself. It's a marvelous color~! https://t.co/B8QF63eUDo

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That being said I am familiar with birds and can draw decent refsheets. My next commission slot opening is the 6th ^^

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So Been playing Pokemon mystery dungeon again lately. 👀 So here are some PMD sheets.

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How dare I forget posting my boar himbo here?!

Here's Boris and I love Himb!

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I looked through the comments so would be unfair for me to do a sketch now. But these were all done without a real photo horse reference. So hete are my mind horses. https://t.co/HPC181nmQC

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Commission completed for Adraen on telegram
A grim grin of a charr

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Streaming again~! come join me while finishing my last commission slot and maybe some character designing~!

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Tibbits asks to please watch Puss in boots: The last wish

OC featured: https://t.co/obr7estF2z

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