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🇪🇺 Badger • Languages: 🇳🇱-🇬🇧 • 27 • NB • INFP-T • 🏳️‍🌈 friendly • Pokémon fanatic • Animation nerd • Illustrator • TTP nerd • SFW account

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1 Free Chibi raffle Slot~!

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Artistic freedom
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Ends 15th of March 12pm CET
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Cool dino art trade for
I tried some pop art ish style :O

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So I'm opening 1 art trade slot~!

-It will not be first come first serve!
-Prefer if it can be completed within a month!
-I'll be offering a Flat color full body~!
-I can start on the trade either Sunday or Monday

Feel free to show some examples~!

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Commission completed for @/Zaneyxo on telegram

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Commission completed for Caroline on TH

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Her :3
Thanks for the opportunity~!

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I gotchu! Here is some of my cutest work that includes my own characters!

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Holy moly thank you so much for the opportunity!

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