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hoshiko。25↑。she/her。🔞 腐, 雑食, 逆カプもOK 🔞 テニプリ 柳蓮二最推し/ツイステ ⚡️右/金カム 鯉月 ENG/עבר/日本語OK! read card byf

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all “non-villains” boys don’t have their dorm colors on their birthday ribbons

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why they have the cutest ahoge 😭

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sebek’s build - big
sebek’s voice - big
sebek’s attitude- big
sebek’s appetite - big
and yet
he’s just a little boy

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sebek’s bd card groovy line is the most tsundere thing I’ve ever heard, and the fact he’s talking to MC makes it cuter 😭 please his voice is so cute when he gets all tsundere 😭😭

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reasons sebek cried so far
- couldn’t serve wakasama since birth
-wakasama looked fabulous in his halloween costume
-couldn’t be in the same beans day group as wakasama

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ok joking I’m still going to sebek brainrot look at this little boy

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which pair of dorm leader and vice leader did it better

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