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hoshiko。25↑。she/her。🔞 腐, 雑食, 逆カプもOK 🔞 テニプリ 柳蓮二最推し/ツイステ ⚡️右/金カム 鯉月 ENG/עבר/日本語OK! read card byf

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standing with hands around their backs….🐊

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he attracts cute things.. please let it be a thing with all diaso tsumu

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3rd years standing next to each other like 🧍‍♂️🧍‍♂️🧍‍♂️ while ace is being all over sebek in the 1st years photo like

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he’s precious in every universe

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his came true good for him 😇

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location might be around here? he’s seriously so cool for being able to just fly like that, give the feeling he sees and guards the whole dorm 💪

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if sebek nendo doesn’t have the 🥺 face we riot

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also I’ve seen many ppl saying it’s weird silver holds his baton in his left hand while he’s right handed and it IS weird. i saw ppl saying it’s bc you use the dominant hand to control the magic but i don’t think it’s that bc-

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