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Amateur game creator! Icon by @ZessDynamite! Mutuals can DM me for my Discord! 🔞May not be SFW, so 18+ only! #BlackLivesMatter | #StopAsianHate | 🍉

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revising my FFII resprites and I completely understand why Kazuko Shibuya just made her own designs for so many early Final Fantasy characters rather than trying to adapt Amano's into NES and SNES pixel art

I'm not going to cease my own attempts at that but I understand

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Funny you should mention that, because this "Oath at Dawn" illustration was apparently actually done for Final Fantasy I before being repurposed for Final Fantasy II later, with the character design depicted being assigned to Firion!

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I dunno what to say if you hate Celica you’re literally just wrong

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unironically a god-tier game in every incarnation including the Famicom/NES original

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Oh Gladly... here are my bunny boys. Please appreciate them

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Here is my boy Rabbit, for your consideration... WHAT is your assessment of he

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I love my fucked up adoptive space noodle son

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Mega Man 4 is cool enough to have two

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shout-out to robot masters who are shaped like this, gotta be one of my favorite genders

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