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Amateur game creator! Icon by @ZessDynamite! Mutuals can DM me for my Discord! 🔞May not be SFW, so 18+ only! #BlackLivesMatter | #StopAsianHate

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Here is my boy Rabbit for your consideration… he is 999/10 in my heart but WHAT do you think of he

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you know what fuck you *remasters your GameBoy overworld tiles in 16-bit color*

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must be some serious love for these two to even consider sharing their sandwiches

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Here is my boy Rabbit for your consideration… WHAT is your assessment of he

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Honestly I mean I dunno if this counts but I think you’d be a great VA for my OC Rayna honestly

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I haven't played Breath of Fire III but this is such a god-tier character design

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Actually here's concept art of her full design because it slaps

She's also genuinely a very entertaining character who ends up roped into helping the party as a sentient staff

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you want a REAL underrated Final Fantasy character?

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I think my pastelmost OC is actually Cosmo here, designed by (original art on the right) and drawn by me in the left image!

He is lavender rather than pink though I hope that’s okay

Thanks for this chance!

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Clarissa is also here to support her GF

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