This is embarrassing but i knew it would happen. only got 2 responses. but seriously though. drop your oc´s if you want free art f them here.

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When people that you love are just talented you love them even more. Thank you for taking my skin concept and making your interpretation. Absolutely love it!

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Great to join again!
I'm Elena and I'm a fantasy painter 🎨 who paints badass ladies (and gentle ones, too) // /

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Hi! I'm Angel 🫶 a Venezuelan anime and manga artist! My passion is digital art and graphic design 📝
By supporting me, you are supporting both a small business and a Latina girly 😳

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Lovely Kitsune to start this week, the power of light will prevail!!! 💙
Would be awesome if you support me on my Patreon!!! 🥰

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Hi, I'm Meghan -Im a freelance illustrator, and I'm passionate about character design, illustration, comic art, storyboard art, & fashion design.

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✨Add or tag your artist friends(also your favorite artists)
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I hope so.. but Ive always been a misfit and most broken artist after being missing out, excluding,etc most of my life... Here are some of the pieces

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Duration: 3h49m
do you like this bew style I tried out? I can complete a whole drawing in less time! I will still do realism

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