He may have gotten a little roughed up but if you ask him it was worth it!

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Probably my favourite Izaya Orihara I’ve ever drawn in my life <3

Might make him into an art print if anyone wants that (my shop is in my bio).

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POV: you said something mean to Izaya’s sisters and he overheard (and can totally ruin your life on a whim)

Haha, I personally like to think that Izaya does care about his sisters and the idea of overprotective big bro Izaya is cute!

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I didn’t appreciate Aoba Kuronuma enough the first time I watched DRRRx2 but now on my rewatch I can’t get enough of this kid!

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Happy birthday, Heiwajima Shizuo! お誕生日おめでとう平和島静雄さん!

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Here's another redraw! The original had shading but I didn't feel like it. The original was a drawing I did in marker around the same time as the watercolor Shizuo pic&I made it into a sticker for myself. There's def some differences here

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The picture in watercolor is from 3 years ago, the digital one is a redraw from today. I love doing redraws of my own art cuz it's so wild to see how much I've changed and grown artistically.

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