The decision has been made, Izaya's in a dress now

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He may have gotten a little roughed up but if you ask him it was worth it!

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os desenho velho que tenho são tudo da minha fase obsessed com shizaya lá em 2015 e eu odeio esse primeiro com todas as forças do meu ser

como cheguei no meu estilo atual? prática e aparentemente intervenção divina

(não vou marcar ngm mas pode entrar na corrente se quiser!!)

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Sometimes the ship demands some changes in the meme, what are you gonna do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Renegade AU first meeting with Izaya. Really sketchy but well it'll do for now
In short Izaya decided to go to Shinra's and wait for him even though Shinra asked him not to. Didn't work out as he expected.
Also some more notes if you are interested

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Some scenes inspired by rewatching Heprventilation once again
Had fun drawing those

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thx for reminding me of the emo goth icon Orihara Izaya doodle I started a while back

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Shizaya Guard Dog AU doodles from today
God knows I love drawing Izaya in different clothes, the guy is beautiful

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nothing makes me more emotional than shizaya growing older together and reminiscing on their chaotic youth 🥹

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Finished one of the sketches for Guard Dog AU
Izaya tries to talk business. He's also wearing gloves now.

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izaya doodle

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Random Shizaya doodles I did because wanted to try a different clothing in black/red palette

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you !! understand !! it gives me the shizaya vampire/priest doujin vibe
swoooon central

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Baby Izaya doodles UwU

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Shizaya moment at Raijin.
Izaya being Izaya and being unable to handle his emotions properly

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Izaya's gifts suck

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