He may have gotten a little roughed up but if you ask him it was worth it!

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os desenho velho que tenho são tudo da minha fase obsessed com shizaya lá em 2015 e eu odeio esse primeiro com todas as forças do meu ser

como cheguei no meu estilo atual? prática e aparentemente intervenção divina

(não vou marcar ngm mas pode entrar na corrente se quiser!!) https://t.co/d8s6NWTy93

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Sometimes the ship demands some changes in the meme, what are you gonna do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Some scenes inspired by rewatching Heprventilation once again
Had fun drawing those

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Shizaya Guard Dog AU doodles from today
God knows I love drawing Izaya in different clothes, the guy is beautiful

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nothing makes me more emotional than shizaya growing older together and reminiscing on their chaotic youth 🥹

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Random Shizaya doodles I did because wanted to try a different clothing in black/red palette

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you !! understand !! it gives me the shizaya vampire/priest doujin vibe
swoooon central

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Shizaya moment at Raijin.
Izaya being Izaya and being unable to handle his emotions properly

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เมื่อวานไปเห็นการลงไทม์แลปส์แบบทำเป็นขั้นๆมา อยากลองลงดูบ้าง เลยไปจีบลค.ขอลงงานมา 🥺 ปกติไม่ได้ทำงานเป็นขั้นแบบนี้ ออกฟิลอยากทำตรงไหนก็ทำมากกว่า แต่สนุกมาก …ใส่เพลงนะไม่ใช่ตอนแยกขั้นตอน🤣

Commission for ShizayaHime

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relationship announcement 😘
might have backfired

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I bully izaya too much lol 🤭

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Bonus pt 6 w/ the jelly bf xDD

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redrawing my shizaya piece

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