‘Roof top fresh air’

Art block so hard, only thing I can draw is Luffy, but can only draw him good in emotional/personal art😭😮‍💨 also just smth for my high school AU

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Happy Birthday Luffy🎉🎉🎉💥💥💥💚❤️
I’m quite busy rn so here’s a quick little doodle for luffy’s birthday!

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I was tryina draw chimera falin but literally couLD NOT DRAW HER FOR SOME REASON & it pissed me off so I drew luffy instead cus he’s like the only person I can draw rn
Have Luffy red dragon chimera every body

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I absolutely LOVE the idea of luffy having the celestial dragon mark, especially the AUs I’ve seen on AO3 fanfics, it’s a darker side to luffy that I think is very interesting…🤔🤔

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When the copium turns out too pretty not to post— (and ofc I gotta imply zolu in everything💀 can’t help it)

Trigger D Warning for the unedited version in thread

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Welllll since I’m never gonna finish this I might as well post it, I’m busy working on my short film story board rn 🤷

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Everyone, thank you for your support last year.
I appreciate your continued support this year🥰

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My comfort boys both love beetles, and I too love beetles- SO WHY NOT DRAW THEM INSTEAD OF WRITING MY DISSERTATION?🤩🤩💀


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TW: Misgender and transphobia

Not dysphoria, but this stupid hipocrite transphobic slut that I have as brother makes me feel so fucking bad, I wanna go of my home, this place sucks.

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Sorry, but April fools. As much I liked this idea, it was just for fun.

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been having a not so great couple of days but also started reading one piece SO dsdjsd

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