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I thought Toru might comfort Haruma during sleepless nights. I made Haruma’s hair really curly in the beginning, not sure why, I blindly believed that his hair was curly and… it was not. I’m sorry for that, it’s a 4am doodle in the end.

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Just a little thing I made for a ship. The orange haired character is my mains offspring, Sprite. They’re skrunkly. Some of these characters aren’t mine (half of them. The dj and the 2 to the right of sprite)

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shipart payment for @/pechii on th ❤️‍🔥🥰

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First picture: Diamond x Evelin, Dialin
Second picture: Ayana x Aaron, Ayaaron

I was gonna draw a third ship, but I didn’t get to 😢

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We love progress

Oc wip with friends oc as well!!

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Entered another contest for
Mostly I was working on ship art
Cuz I need to work on it

Alear and Jade (Female)

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i kinda forgot twitter was a thing, oops 😀
Fan art from February from A Far Wilder Magic by Allison Saft <3

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