posted this on my tumblr last year but never here, so Happy Father's Day to Tellius' #1 Beast Dad!!

I am still trapped in the FEH tellius Valentines banner.
Ike is such a good dude I support him. #FireEmblem

give me the power to revolutionize tellius!

@ylileaart Tormod’s one of my favorite Tellius characters and it’s a shame people sleep on him

Commission of @DetectiveCatto's OC Bramble in human and beast form, with a Tellius twist on the designs!

Adult Sanaki, interesting how she appears in Tellius concept art.

this is the best i'll ever do in arena, thank u +10 tellius team ilu. i will have....... One crown

Oh my GOD Titania's special art is SO GORGEOUS I'm gonna cry, it's finally Tellius' time 😭


Buhitter! 検索