Me and the bitch I pulled by being silly

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Happy Valentines Day!💕
Literally few nights ago got I inspired to draw me and my bf as Roger and Jessica Rabbit with a little purple twist 🥰

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누가 로져 래빗을 모함했나 (Who Framed Roger Rabbit 1988) 2023년 토끼해 맞이 토끼 관련 영화 팬아트로 그렸습니다~
(하다보니 업로드가 늦었네요ㅠ)

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👶 ベビーハーマン

今日の👨‍🎨お絵描きは から外見は赤ん坊で実年齢は50歳の中年男 で~す💕🤗

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It's the year of the rabbit!!.... Jessica Rabbit!!!

it's the first time i draw this iconic character and im so satisfied with the results!

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of Wabbit Season. It's the happy couple of Toontown, Mr. Roger and Mrs. Jessica Rabbit.

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❤🐰 Jessica Rabbit 🐰❤

A friend challenge to draw Jessica Rabbit so I decided to draw her and I love the result 🌌✨️❤️‍🔥

Challenge completed


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