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Formerly ‘TheAnimeDreamer’ She/Her💛💖💙/🖤🤍💟💜Acting Student, An illustrator, Chaotic/Neutral Good; ‘Meghan's Dream Designs'#critter #PMDD survivor…

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if you see this tweet, quote it with 4 pics that expose your taste in men

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I’m Meghan-I’m passionate with illustration, comic art, fashion design, character design, storyboard art—-
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✨ Denji Week Day 7 ✨️
I was thinking about when Denji needs to keep expressing himself
Pose from

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❤️❤️❤️ Thank you Ryan- I could’ve done it without you🙌🏼💙✨ your soul & energy always dear to me

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I'm not sure what is your reactions of mine---I know I wish I could've done that before during 2021.. I don't know if I'm 3 years too late because I have been having a hard time making new friends & trust issues-

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🫶🏼🥰 I know it's really overwhelming --you deserve a rest ✨

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