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I love drawing art and reading manga , I’m a fan of voice actors and Vtubers #ActuallyAutistic and also I'm a nerd ,Age 26,Demi/ Pan Demigirl She/They

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The Prima doll acrylic stands are so adorable 💖💖

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Koharu my husbando I love you 💖💖

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My Waifu Lisa from Taboo Tattoo 💜💜

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Since it’s waifu Wednesday here’s my waifu Tamamo no Mae from Yamibou 💜

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Me being born on the same day as Narumi from Wotakoi I think that’s pretty awesome 💖

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Nah I think me being born on the same day as Tifa Lockhart and Tidus from final fantasy puts me high ❤️

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This is my favorite Growlanser illustration by Satoshi Urushihara 💖

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All I will say is that Unknown from Tekken is Hott 💜💖🚶🏽‍♀️

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