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I love drawing art and reading manga , I’m a fan of voice actors and Vtubers #ActuallyAutistic and also I'm a nerd ,Age 25, Demi/ Pan Demigirl She/They

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The Tougen Anki pins look very cool 🤍🖤💖

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The Fate Stay Night Heavens feel Sakura figure looks pretty ❤️🖤

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The first pic is legit how I reacted when I saw Yuri in Fe Heroes that man is gorgeous as heck I’ve been his simp for 3 years 💜💜💖

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Kazutora, Jyushi, and Ryo seem like they could be long lost siblings even though they are from different series 💖

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Awesome also I love the group Fantome iris from bang dream

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Some Pokémon characters that relate with most 💜

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Castra from Death Parade she is an absolute waifu 💚💖

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The Nagisa and Karma acrylic stands look amazing 💙❤️

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🌺 Post your top 4 fav pokemon, and let people make assumptions about you 🌺

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Post 4 characters you relate to and let people make assumptions about you

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