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I love drawing art and reading manga , I’m a fan of voice actors and Vtubers #ActuallyAutistic and also I'm a nerd ,Age 26,Demi/ Pan Demigirl She/They

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What can I say I just have that irresistible charm 💖

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If you see this, QRT with your tastes in Mecha
I like many mecha series but I wanted to give these few series some love ❤️

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Qrownzer you remind me of Riff from the manga Cain Saga which is by Kaori Yuki the same creator of Angel Sanctuary and Fairy Cube

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The Gundam Witch from Mercury merch looks awesome 💜

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I miss Pretear so much I really love both the anime and the manga 💖

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if you see this tweet, quote it with 4 pics that expose your taste in men.

Listen Kei from Pretear is pretty hott and a charmer 💛and magical girl anime is awesome 🧡

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I love these two amazing enbys from Fire Emblem 💜💜

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Here’s a few that I relate with alot 💜

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